I will show Germany what I am capable of

The following article is an article that has been published in and translated from a local newspaper named ‘Traunsteiner Tagblatt’:

Qais Yaqubi
Qais Yaqubi enjoys his new job (Picture: BSH Traunreut)

Qais Yaqubi is from Kabul in Afghanistan and lives for a bit more than one year in a refugee home in Brünning. Since the beginning of September he works as a mechanic at BSH in Traunreut. During his free time he is an active member of the THW as well as an NGO called Verein »Unlimited Partnership«. He emphasizes: »I want to show Germany what I am able to do. I have received so much assistance in Germany I want to do my part and give something back to the society.«

In early 2015 he has left his country, an arduous escape that lasted five months. The reason for his escape chiefly has been a case of blood feud and revenge killings between his family and another one, that already demanded the life of his cousin earlier this year.  Via Iran, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia partly on foot as well as by bus and boat he made his way to Germany.

The 20-year old drove the boat via the Mediterranean Sea himself

When crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Izmir to the Greek island of Samos, the 20-year old drove a 9 meter long boat with 73 people on it himself. Doing that got him a significant discount for the boat ride. In August 2015 he had reached Germany and is living in Brünning since September last year. Until now he lives in a refugee home, but is currently looking for a room or small flat in Traunreut.

The fact that Qais managed to land a job with the BSH Group certainly is due to his strong willingness to expand his skill set and learning. Back in Afghanistan he never went to school and yet taught himself several languages including English. Thereby he also taught himself reading and writing in his own language. After he completed the 6 months long »IdA Bayern Turbo Programm«, a program preparing asylum seekers with a high chance for staying for the job market, as well as several internships with companies in the region, he had achieved a skill level that made him ready for a position as a mechanic with  BSH. For the young man this meant a dream come true. »At BSH you can build a future. The company is known all over the world and I want to contribute to the company’s success «,  Qais Yaqubi says happily. He enjoys working in a team, learns a lot from his colleagues, considers his position a great chance for the future and holds the view that also the company will benefit from employees with different cultural backgrounds.

BSH’s human resource manager Otto Rockel thinks in this regard: »It is our goal as a company to assist with the integration process in our region by cooperating closely with the local authorities and NGOs. Thereby we are testing with examples like that of Qais Yaqubi how we can provide employment opportunities for refugees in our company. Integration is an obviousness for us. Regardless of age, nationality, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religion, everyone is welcome to apply for a job at our company. What matters to us is motivation, skills, a sufficient level of German as well as acceptance of our culture of togetherness.«

In his free time Neben  Qais Yaqubi works a lot as a volunteer for different organisations. When Franz Kern from an NGO called  »Unlimited Partnership« went to the refugee home in November last year in order to look for refugees interested to participate in the sales of a local Christmas market, which’s proceeds support poor people in Uganda and Sierra Leone, Qais immediately said yes: »How can I say no if a German asks for my help?«

Since January he is also an active member of the local branch of the THW in Traunreut. His motivation is clear: »I hope to find new friends, would like to learn new things and expand my skill set and participate in deployments .« For Wolfgang Marold, the chief of Traunreut’s THW, it is important that refugees are occupied appropriately: »We want to make our own contribution towards the integration of refugees.« Considering that asylum seekers are not familiar with honorary work at all, Qais integrated surprisingly quickly and with great enthusiasm into the THW group, he explains.

»Trouble makers should be sent back home«

Qais generally is very helpfu, thus also time and again volunteers as a translator for other people from his country. He is extremely grateful to be allowed to feel safe in Germany and for the help he has received. Because of this being able to reciprocate is of core importance to him. »For the first time in a really long time I am feeling safe again«, he explains. About asylum seekers that do not show appreciation and are causing troubles he has a very strong opinion: »Trouble makers need to be deported. They harm the rest of us, who are committed to using our chance, significantly. « mix

Source : Traunsteiner Tagblatt from 27.10.2016