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Lost in thoughts I starred at the Ferris wheel and asked life: “How is it the some people are always on top in life and others down?” “Well”, life replied “don’t forget the Ferris wheel is constantly moving and just like with the Ferris wheel people at times are on top and then moving down again.”

I believe life is comparable to a Ferris wheel, it goes in cycles, at times everything is good and then you are going through rough periods again. However, I still think that God provided some people with more luck than others.

Like so many other people from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, I also arrived in Germany a little bit more than a year as a refugee. During the first few months I could neither attend an integration course nor work. My time back then was limited to a ‘literacy class’, whereby a retired school teacher taught me and a few others a bit of German twice a week for two hours each time. However, after having volunteered to assist at a Christmas market sales for an NGO called ‘Unlimited Partnership’ and joining it as a member, my life gradually started to change. Through my work at the Christmas market I met a German family that took me a bit under their wing and started by teaching me more German. Soon afterwards they helped me to join and become an active member of the ‘Technical Relief Organisation’. At the same time the father of the family got me a placement with the ‘Ida Bayern Turboprogram’, an initiative that lasted 5 months and is preparing refugees for the job market. Upon having completed the program I started my job as a mechanic with the BSH Group (Bosch Siemens) and also joined the IG Metall labor union. Overall and reflecting upon the last year I can say that it was market by many ups and downs. However, regardless of the challenges I faced since then and still do, at least for the very first time in a long time I feel safe and protected again. By not only sharing my story and experiences with you, but also allowing my German friends, family, colleagues and teachers let you know about their experience with me, among others I hope to achieve the following:

  • Provide you with the possibility to get to know me, to learn more about the reasons for my escape but also to share my opinions about topics society takes an interest in; that why hopefully you will see I am just another human being like you are
  • Provide information about topics such as blood feud and migration
  • Allow readers to get to know my country, culture and people through my narrations and perspectives instead of merely based on media reports that mostly focus on politics
  • Perhaps by me sharing the experiences I have made in Germany it will serve as a guide for other and newly arrived refugees about how to make their integration process easier; my personal view has always been marked by the following in this regard: “Nothing in life is for free. If you would like to obtain or have something, you need to give or give back in the first place.”
  • By exchanging thoughts and providing a platform for constructive discussions I am hoping to make a contribution for a better understanding and ‘standing with each other’ between my host community and refugees
  • Writing and reading in your handwriting I had to learn from scratch in Germany; while speaking comes fairly easy to me, reading is okay and writing surely is more complicated; but by blogging with the help of my friends that for now correct my texts or act as ghostwriters, I am hoping to improve my reading and writing skills as well

Last but not least, it is also my way of saying THANK YOU to all the Germans – be it family, friends, colleagues or teachers – that helped me regain hope and to start a new life.

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